Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I hate Christmas. 
I figured I would lead with that. It is just not my holiday. I do not like winter. It's cold. And usually wet which means the roads are horrible. I am a terrible gift buyer. I hate giving gifts. I hate receiving gifts. If everyone could just make a 'Christmas Registry' like they do for babies and weddings, that would be great. Or just buy yourself a gift and open it in front of me. I do not like peppermint. Get those candy canes away from me. Unless I am really hungry and candy is my only option - which is more often than I want to admit. I love food and there is so much food. Winter weight is really people. Don't even get me started on Santa. Who is this guy? No Santa did not get you that bike for Christmas, you're mother did. That night that I had vomit on my shoes and blood on my pants. Yes, a horrible twelve hour night shift bought you that bike - not Santa. I could go on but I am even making myself depressed at this point. 

Everyone said that thing would change once I had children. 
Damn, I hate when people are right.

I still do not like Christmas but let me tell you a little about having children during Christmas. 

Marlee's eyes light up when she sees all the decorations as we drive down the street. They sparkle with excitement and joy. She begs to see more every time we pass one well lit house and are waiting for another. 
Nicky shouts "Ho! Ho! Ho!" every time he sees a Santa. It could be a picture of Santa, a toy Santa, or a Santa figurine. Nicky does not say much but he knows what Santa brings to the table and it's a lot of "Ho! Ho! Ho!'s". 
Isaac happily turns into dads little helper when its time to put up decorations. They put the lights up outside and come up with a plan together to make the lights shine just right. He is looking forward to cutting down the tree tomorrow which is our yearly tradition. Tree cutting and hot chocolate drinking at Pine Tree Barn. 

This will be our first Christmas in our new house. I already have a place picked out for the tree and while I am still a Christmas hater, I am a little excited to get the tree decorated and see the kids faces on Christmas morning. Just a little! 

It is still early so maybe a little more holiday cheer will come my way. 
We will have to wait and see. 

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