Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas is for Kids

Ok so my last Christmas post was a little negative so I have come to redeem my Grinch attitude with some Christmas cheer. 

Christmas is all about the kids. The faces. The screams and squeals of joy coming from the around the Christmas tree. The pure excitement and anticipation as dad very slowly but carefully pries every toy from its box. The begging that ensues as they ask to go from one toy to the next without any care to clean up the first toy. Kids love Christmas. 

And I guess I do too. I mean look at the faces. 

It is hard to hate something that makes your children so happy. 

We had such a great day too. Family came over during the day and helped manage some of the chaos which really just ended up in a solid two hours of opening gifts. By the end, Nicky was just bringing me his gifts so I could open them for him. It was wonderful. They were so happy and grateful for everything - Nicky and I were too. Our babies are so loved and it makes our hearts happy. Unfortunately I had to work Christmas night so while Nick went to his families side, I took a nap and went to work. Not exactly the Christmas ending I had dreamed of but nurses don't exactly get Christmas breaks. 

I posted a video to YouTube but here are some pictures from the day. And the next day, which was when Isaac joined us for second Christmas. It has been a nonstop party for days. 

Now to get cleaning and organizing! I might need some extra hours in the day to get it all done. As soon as I pack up one toy, they kids open another one. This might be a task to do during nap time... 

Merry Christmas to all! And a Happy New Year!

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