Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall in Love

The fact that it is the end of October and I haven't made a post about how much I love fall is quite embarrassing. Its my absolutely favorite time of year.
What is there not to like?
The perfect day would consist of browsing a pumpkin patch with a hot chocolate in hand.

Well a lot more has happen this month which is probably why I have been so busy and unable to blog. And an amazing month none the less though! I'll give the quick run down...

I turned thirty and my family planned a surprise party which was embarrassing and incredibly sweet. I am lucky to be party of such an amazing family for thirty years!
I surprised my sister by heading up to Cleveland for her birthday and was apart of a bike bar crawl. I might have had more fun than anyone there! My face hurt from smiling so much. 
Marlee is doing incredible in preschool and loves it so much. She had Grandparents day and her first Harvest party which were so sweet. She also had her first dentist appointment which went wonderfully! No cavities and I cannot say enough nice things about All Seasons Dental. I was really impressed with the place. 
Nicky has started talking more which has subsided my fear of him needing therapy which is a story for another crazy day.
Isaac did not have the best first semester at Perry Middle school but is starting to bring his grades up which is a good thing since basketball is right around the corner and he will not be playing with poop grades!
The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series! If this doesn't get you excited, then nothing else I say on here will either. Series is 3-2 and we play again tomorrow!
We already purchased our pumpkins and were a little late decorating them but we finally did it! It was incredibly messy but so much fun. I love watching the kids get creative. 
Trick or treating was yesterday and today which means costumes and candy! Hot chocolate is a must after the chilly weather we are having! Poor Nick seems to have a stomach bug though and was not feeling well. He stayed home with the grandmas yesterday while the rest of us pillaged the neighborhood for treats. Our first trick or treat in the new house was a massive success. I really do love the place we have chosen to raise our family.
Today, we did our second Trick or Treat down in Magnolia and I was able to squeeze Nicky into the doctors costume. He was not thrilled but was along for the ride.  
And I still work like crazy which makes me a zombie for about 90% of the time. Luckily this time of the year, it is acceptable to look like a zombie!

Now for the picture overload. Sorry not sorry!

And that was October in a nutshell! Tomorrow starts a new month so Happy November!

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