Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy

I miss you a lot lately. You have been on my mind day and night. Maybe it's the upcoming move. Maybe it's the kids getting so big. Maybe it's just missing my dad.

We officially move in two weeks! We bought a beautiful house in Jackson and it's perfect for our family. I am over the moon excited. We need help moving though. You would have been a great help. You were always the go to guy for that kind of stuff. "You need a fridge, I'll get you one!" "Do you need couches?" "What are you going to do with your old dryer? I'll take it and I won't even charge you. Harharhar." Then I would watch you smoke a cigarette and drink out of a two liter bottle of RC which is sitting in the passenger seat of the truck. 

I can hear you now.

The kids are getting so big. Marlee is so smart. And so funny. And so sassy. You would just be in love. Nicky is my little bruiser. He is rough and sweet and nonstop. All boy! You would be so smitten by the both of them. And they would love you so much. Marlee would think you are hilarious and Nicky would be shy but you would win him over with a pack of Sno Balls. 

I have replayed this over in my mind a million times.

By the way, the Cavs won. Although I am sure you already know that. You had the best seat in the house. We won! We are champions! 
Next is the Browns. 
We might need a little extra luck from above for that one though. 

The sisters are doing great. You would be so proud. They get smarter and more beautiful everyday. Please continue to watch over them. They need it more than I do. 
I have Nick. He is the best dad to the kids. You would be happy. Happy to know how much he cares for them and how much he cares for me. Everything you could have wished for in a husband for your daughter. He misses you too. I think he wanted a call today telling him how bad the Celtics suck. 

We all miss you. We all think about you. We all love you. 
I wish we would have said it more. 

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