Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Crib Removal

Fifteen days till the big move! 
Fifteen days!

I took a little stay-cation this week so I could finish up some moving details like switching utilities, changing our address, packing unnecessary items, and really getting things organized for the big day. 

So far we have done nothing but have a whole lot of fun as you can see. 

Do not get me wrong, I would not change these moments for anything. I mean look at those faces! Pure joy.

Butttt with Nicky becoming a ninja gymnastic overnight and not only jumping out of his crib but also climbing into his sisters crib in the morning, I decided the cribs had to go. I was hoping they would last until we moved but the kids had other plans. Marlee was super excited for a big girl bed and I figured maybe this would be a good transition. We decided on mattresses on the ground would have to do for two weeks because setting up two beds just to tear them down and resetting them up at the new house was overkill in the lifting and moving and building department. 

So while the kids were quietly occupied in the living room, I took it upon myself to break down the cribs. Or at least start. Marlee was going to be so excited! 

I was about half way through Marlee's crib and Marlee came in to find me.

"Mom, wat you doin' to my crib?"
The tears forming in her eyes. 

"Marlee I am getting you a big girl bed!"

"Mommy, I don't want to be a big girl! I want to be a baby in my crib!"
Bawling. Bawling. Bawling. 

She cried and cried. It broke my heart. I really thought that she was going to be so excited and boy was I wrong. She wanted to stay a baby. I wanted her to stay a baby.
So I cried too.
We laid on her mattress and cried together until we both calmed down. She sang me a song and I played with her hair. Then we talked about her new pink room and her new princess sheets and her how wonderful the new house will be. 
She ended up helping me take down the crib and Nicky's crib too. She made sure the blankets were placed properly on the mattresses and that the pillow sat perfectly at the top. And don't forget all the stuffed animals. 
"They are my favorite part mom."

I prayed for a good night. I was hoping that she would not be scared. And that I would actually be able to get some sleep. I checked on them around midnight and both had rolled to the floor. Marlee had her legs under the dresser and Nicky was in a ball in the corner. I picked them both up and placed them back in bed. 

I gave them kisses and quietly tip toed out of the room. 

They will always be my babies. 
Crib or no crib. 

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