Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Supermom and CEO

I have to be honest. I am feeling a little like supermom today.
On a day to day basis, I am the family CEO. And I say this with no bragging intending. It might be the only thing Nick and I can agree on 100%. 
Marisa F. H. BSN RN CEO 
Or some kind of variation of those letters and initials. 

Today though, I am supermom. At least I feel that way. 

Dishes. Done. 
Laundry. Complete. 
Mattress cleaned and sheets changed. Check. (Marlee had an accident last night.)
Teeth of both children brushed. Cross it off the list.
Breakfast made and milk consumed.

Oh but the madness does not stop there.

I had this urge to pack up the kids closet (approximately 45 days till we move!) so I grabbed a tote from the garage and stuffed two of them till they could burst. Blankets, toys, burp cloths, winter items, and even my breast pump are ready for the move. Now I have two more totes stacked in the corner for little Nicky to climb on - labeled and ready to go. 

Keep in mind it was only 9AM by this point. Also keep in mind that mornings are my least favorite of times. Nap time being my favorite. 

So I kept the momentum going.

The kiddos needed a little attention so we read books. Ok I lie. We read the same book four times. So correction, we read one book a lot. Then we cuddled and watched a little Dora. Pretty sure I have seen that episode five times but it had puppies so both kids were content. Then it was Nicky's nap time so I went back to my super duties.

This time I moved over to doing bills for the month (yuk) and making a couple appointments. I am a little late with Nicky's 15 month check up so I scheduled that first, then my doctor appointment, and then followed up with getting some more information on Marlee's preschool. 

Marlee is going to be in preschool! 
(Insert all the shocked and surprised emoji faces)

I took this a step further, filled out her paperwork, signed a check, and sent in her registration. 
I took a deep breath because I am pretty sure supermoms do not cry. 
Is it even possible for Marlee to be old enough for school? How can I be the mom to a preschooler?! When did this happen?!
What is happening??!!! 
Ok enough of this nonsense. 

Now I am waiting for Nicky to get up from his nap so I can serve lunch (chicken nuggets are the super-est meals) and then get Marlee down for a nap. 

Then, just then, might I take a little time for myself. Nothing crazy but brushing my hair and drinking a cup of coffee would be nice. 
A hot cup of coffee. 
Supermoms need hot coffee.

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