Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Break Down

I only had to heat up my coffee once today. 
That is a good day. A great day actually. 
The children are playing band or drums or something along those lines so I am going to do a little updating on the past month and a half. 

Nicholas had his pirate party at the end of January and it was wonderful! Our house was full of family and friends. Nicky loved his birthday cupcake and all his gifts. It was simple, easy, and fun. All I could ask for to celebrate my baby turning one. 
Marlee had a blast too playing with the other children at the party. And I am pretty sure all the gifts were really hers. So in reality, it was Marlee's party but Nick was allowed to attend. Sassy toddler always wins. 
I did not get a lot of pictures because I was busy running around like a mad woman but the kids had a blast which makes everything 120% worth it. 

Thanks to all that attended! The kids absolutely adore everyone and we feel so special to have so many people that love and spoil our babies. 

Second on the list of February mania is that we are moving. Ok so we are not moving today or even tomorrow but after all of our hard work since last June to get ourselves ready to start house shopping - we were finally pre-approved for a house! We were completed over the moon with excitement! It has been a long hard journey to save, pay off debts, and get our budget in order. Finally, we did it! 
And then we found a house!
Two houses to be exact!
And we were denied both times.
Cue the sad music and tears and disappointment. 

We take all this time to save money and no one wants it. 
We thought that the saving and paying off credit cards was going to be the hard part but we were wrong. Actually finding a house is the hard part. We have seen maybe a dozen houses at this point and searched online for a million more without any luck. We are staying optimistic though. Spring is right around the corner which is going to bring a better market of houses. 
Our dream house is out there! Somewhere. 
My goal is to be completely moved in to our new house by Marlee's birthday in July. 
Marlee gets a new house for her birthday.
She is a princess after all.

Since Nick has turned one, our routines and schedules have really been on point. He has been napping (for the most part) everyday and I have been able to plan breakfast and lunch around his and Marlee's nap time. I know this sounds simple but its not. Which is why it has taken me a year to figure it out! We have also implemented the cage for early morning containment which looks like a torture device but in reality, it is a sanity keeper. We have to get ready in the morning somehow and the cage is the winner. 

And if we don't cage, this happens. 

This boy is fearless. And all boy. 

He still loves his food. All the foods.

And Marlee is turning into a teenager before my eyes. I was talking too loud so she got her headphones. Sorry to bother you, my dear princess.

These two love each other. Marlee says Nicky is her best friend and Nick thinks Marlee has beautiful hair (he pulls it frequently). They are going to grow even closer as they get older. I love it. It makes my heart so full. 

Never a dull moment with these two.
Actually, they now found me and my coffee is empty so it is back to work.
Or play.
Depends on how you look at it.
Have a good February everyone!