Friday, January 8, 2016

Potty Training is Fun - Part 3

Potty Training is Fun

We finally hit a wall. Marlee and I had gone to war over using the potty and she won.
Well she won the battle. I won the war. 

If you have read part one or two, you know how I feel about potty training. Marlee and I are still trying to figure out our groove. Four days ago, I woke up so gung-ho about potty training and I was determined to make today the day! Marlee had been wearing big girl undies during the day but refusing to use the potty. She would literally be dry all day, pee in her diaper during her nap, and then be dry till bedtime. I decided to really load her up on apple juice and she was going to pee on the potty! Long story day short, Marlee was not having it. She begged for her diaper. She cried on the potty. We were in the bathroom all day and all night. No successful pees. She peed on the rug. She peed in the corner. She peed in the kitchen. 
I gave up. 
Back on went the diaper and off she went to bed. 
I bawled. Ridiculously sobbed to my husband. 

I did not know what I was doing wrong. I had the treats. I had the Minnie Mouse potty. I had the sticker chart. I was a born motivator. 
I had become frustrated and out the door went my patience. 

I took a couple days off. I decided I would stop pushing her so hard. Marlee was just not ready and forcing her to sit on the potty till we are both crying is counterproductive. 

Then my husband did the most wonderful thing. He waited for her to tell him that she had to pee. He waited for her. Then he took a video of her accomplishment and sent it to me at work. She was so proud of herself! She had peed on the potty and she didn't even have tears running down her face or redness from throwing a tantrum! I was over the mood with happiness. I think I showed everyone at work the video.
Sorry fellow co-workers for making you look at pee in a Minnie potty. 

Something must have clicked after that night - for the both of us. I took a backseat to the forcing of the potty and the constant asking if she had to go, and she asked to put on the big girl undies. She peed in the potty four times yesterday! We did have quite the flood of an accident in the kitchen (that grilled cheese was too good to pull herself away from apparently) but I was calm and positive. She helped me clean it up and we put on a new pair of undies. She even went number two in the potty before bed! Her sticker chart is filling up and I could not be more proud. 

Bonus moment: she woke up at one in the morning to go pee and woke up dry. We still use diapers at nighttime but I was quite impressed with her since we have not really talked about not peeing at nighttime. First thing she did this morning was head for the potty. Seriously, who is this kid?

Do not get me wrong. We are no where near being officially 'potty trained'. I literally just got done fishing a giant turd out of the bathtub. Sorry for the image. But I am feeling so good about how things are going. Instead of begging for a diaper after her bath, she begged for big girl underwear. The one with the wittle bow to be exact.

My word of advice for moms going through potty training troubles - be patient! I know it is easier said than done but being stressed is only causing them stress which only leads to an unpleasant experience. 
Patience and sanitizing wipes. 

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