Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Resolution

The New Year is a time for celebration, rebirth, and renewal. 
Yes, I get the notion that you should be a good person and set goals for yourself all year round but there is something about the New Year that symbolizes a new beginning and a better self. I usually do not get too caught up in the resolution bandwagon (it has literally been to loose weight since 2005) since it never really works out but this year I have decided to do things a little differently. 

My patience with a sassy two year old and a needy (soon to be) one year old has been wearing a little thin lately. After the family dinner we had last Sunday, I realized just what I wanted my resolution to be. 

We went to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. Nicky was already tired and hungry so I knew he was going to be a bit of a pistol. Nothing a little bread and milk can't handle. As I was getting his sippy cup situated with a hint of lemonade, he reached out and grabbed my drink which was full to the rim and pulled it off the table. I saw it in slow motion but there was nothing I could do. It slammed to the ground but not before bouncing off the highchair and spilling into our diaper bag. Pepsi went everywhere. I was so embarrassed. I lost it. I yelling at little Nicky and told him that he was a bad boy (eleven month olds are never bad - they don't even know what that means!). And of course, I yelled at my husband for not helping me fast enough. It happened in a blink of an eye. Everyone jumped up to help clean up but the damage was done. And I felt like an ass. Luckily, Marlee was being as sweet as can be making a huge mess with the salt and pepper. I say this with a little sarcasm because while it was a huge mess, she was being quiet. I like quiet. 
Let's just say that it was an awkwardly quiet dinner for a little while. 

This incident had solidified my need for a New Years resolution. I would ask God for more patience. It would be my resolution. More patience for my kids, my husband, and even for myself. 

It really boils down to more patience for myself which I feel will trickle down to having more patience for my husband and kids. I was so upset at dinner because I should have known that Nicholas was going to grab that cup. He is a baby. He loves cups. It was so close to his seat. I should have known that he was going to grab it. I was embarrassed when it happened and let my embarrassment turn to anger. A little patience would have gone a long way. A deep breath and a re-evaluation of the situation. Kids make messes. They are messy little creatures. I know this, my husband knows this, everyone at the restaurant knows this. It really was not that big of a deal, until I yelled. 

Guess what. 
Dinner went on.
We ate. 
I received another glass of Pepsi. 
The kids were good. 

My kids are not bad kids. 
I am not a bad mom.
Kids make messes. 
Moms yell. 
Neither are bad for it. 

So here is to a New Year. A year of more patience and understanding. 
A great year.
Cheers to 2016!

And I would like to loose weight too - ha!

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