Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

Happy birthday to my baby boy!

Nicky turns one today and while his party is not for another 10 days, we will certainly be doing a little celebrating today.

Today started out with some green birthday pancakes which was a delight for Nicky but not so much for Marlee. She took one look at the green and said "caca". Green was not my best choice. I was able to look back at all the monthly Nick posts and it is just amazing how much he as grown. 

One thing I can say about baby boys is that they are 100% different than baby girls. Nicky is the most active child that I have ever met. He never holds still. He is even active when he is sleeping. 

Nicholas is a climber and jumper and destroyer. Seek and Destroy Nicky. Currently, his favorite thing to do is climb on the couch and he is so proud of himself when he does. It is absolutely adorable - until he jumps off the side. This little boy has no fear. And while I know that boys will be boys, I am not sure my heart is going to be able to take it. The bruise to his chest and scratch to his back is a mystery but the abrasion to his nose is from him pulling the lamp down on his face. And these are just a few of his injuries. 

Nicky has ten teeth now and it is a good thing because food is his best friend. Peanut butter and jelly, pasta, oranges, crackers, pancakes, bananas, and the list goes on. He loves his food. He is my healthy little boy. 

And he makes my heart so full. 

I love you so much baby boy. Or should I say big boy?
Happy birthday Nicholas James!

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