Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy Ten Months Nicky!

We have a walker!
Nicholas James has been walking all over the place. He is not exactly good at it but he does it all day long. Apart from a few accidents here and there, he has been pretty good with catching himself so falls have not been a issue. So proud of my big boy! 

Unfortunately with his new found freedom, comes his new found joy for exploration. And by exploration, I mean his ability to get on, under, and squeeze between everything and anything. He is my dangerous little boy. We have four little chairs in the living room that he loves to climb and stand on. Surprisingly enough, rocking chairs and round chairs are not meant to be stood on. So we are battling this issue right now but he sure does love being on them. 

Some good news this month is that his surgery which was scheduled for Wednesday morning has been cancelled! His tear duct opened up by itself this weekend so we are in the clear. I am so overjoyed for many reasons. One being that we do not have to do surgery and two, I get four days of relaxation with my family! One of those days being Thanksgiving which involves lots of food - one of Nickys favorite things. 

Nicky continues to be a great eater, loves to cuddle, and has been sleeping through the night. All wonderful things! He is not exactly a great napper but I will take what I can get. He is saying 'mom' now (mostly when he is tired and whiney) but 'dada' is still his favorite word. We will have to work on that...

Now for picture time! Thanks Isaac for your help in distracting Nicky!

Showing off his Celtic gear for daddy!

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