Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy Eleven Months Nicky!

Nicky is eleven months on the 21st!
Can you believe it?
He will be one year old next month!
Where does the time go?

Nicky is a professional walker now, unless he has shoes on. I finally bought him a pair of shoes and he walks like a cat with socks on. Like his feet are so heavy now that he over exaggerates the lifting of his legs and ends up falling over. He is getting better everyday though. For now, we will get in a good laugh over his comedic walk. 

Nicky is still a great eater and puts his eight teeth to good use. He loves apples, oranges, and anything with syrup. Not really hard to please this boy and the only thing he has actually turned away was broccoli.  He has been in the terrible habit of throwing everything on the floor when he is done with his meals so I have to keep a vigilant eye out for signs that he is done! Messy little boy. 

Nicky is still my little lover. He loves to give kisses and hugs, is always looking for a good cuddle, and just wants to be held all the time. So sweet but absolutely impossible to get anything done! I rather cuddle than do dishes anyways...

Pictures were impossible this month! I think I have one good one. The rest are looking up, down, to the side, eyes closed, facing away, or running away. Nick and I had a fun time trying to get this to work. 

This pretty much sums ups the energy little Nicky has! He is such a busy little boy. Now we are getting ready for his first Christmas and soon his first birthday!
Happy eleven months Nicholas!

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