Saturday, December 5, 2015


November is over and it was one hell of a busy month! 

Between potty training, Isaacs basketball practice, working extra shifts, and doctor appointments, we were one busy family. We also decided to put Marlee in gymnastics for five weeks and I have to admit, it was my favorite activity this month.

Nick's family owns Flips and Hits in Magnolia so it was perfect for Marlee. She knew the instructors, it was only 45 minutes long, and 100% designed for toddlers with very short attention spans. In reality, it was not as much about the gymnastics as much as it was about socialization and getting Marlee around other little kids. Since she only goes to the babysitters a couple times a month, she misses out on group playtime a lot. A lot of little activities too were amazing for her to be introduced to also such as standing in a line (she still does not understand this concept), listening to instructions, and waiting her turn. I was really impressed with her ability to listen and pick up on the different activities. Stretching at the beginning was her favorite and she still walks around the house saying "make the meatballs!" which is an arm stretch. Adorable. 

While Marlee did amazing overall, she ended the class horribly. Her desire for cookies just killed all of her motivation and she could not collect herself. We ended up leaving with 10 minutes left. I do not pretend to know all about toddlers but I do know one thing - you cannot argue with a strong willed child. So while I wanted her to recover and finish, we ended up leaving - without cookies. Luckily, there will be another class at the beginning of next year and I am really looking forward to it!

I also think she needs more outfits. Nick disagrees. Seriously though, can she get any cuter?

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