Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Mashup

When it comes to being a picture-taking-mom, I am usually at the top of the list but I have to admit that I failed on Christmas. I took maybe two pictures. It was pure chaos. The type of chaos that involves a dozen family members, a room full of gifts, giggles from every angle, and thank yous being shouted across the room. 
The good kind of chaos. 

Luckily we did other Christmas stuff on other days. We went to see Santa at the Mirocke household and I got some good pictures of Nicky with Santa. Marlee did not want anything to do with Santa but that was OK with me. I don't like Santa either. 

Nicholas took the kiddos to my grandmothers house on Christmas Eve. 

My handsome boys
And these are from Christmas morning, before everyone arrived. Like I said, not exactly great pictures but I was busy opening presents and admiring all the amazing gifts the kiddos got. 

It really was a wonderful Christmas. I am just now figuring out where to put everything! Everyone got along and I think we really enjoyed the true meaning of Christmas - family!

Now to start planning Nickys birthday party - does the madness ever end?!?

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