Thursday, November 12, 2015

Potty Training is Fun - Part 2

Marlee hates the potty.
She really, really does not like it.
Its pink! Its Minnie Mouse! It has a cushion for gosh sake!
What is there not to love?

No successful pees in the potty yesterday and today is not looking very promising considering Marlee screams bloody murder when I take her in the bathroom. I even give a treat (Starbursts - the healthiest of breakfast food) when she attempts to go. She does not care. The potty is the enemy.

I am still full speed ahead though! Today is the day! I really feel that if she can just see what its like to pee in the potty, then she would realize that it is not that big of a deal. Its just pee, in a potty. I have the mattress pad out (one of the most brilliant ideas I have seen btw - thanks John!) and I am pumping her full of fluids. She was excited to put on the panties this AM so we are ready to go.

Now we wait.
And check.
And wait.
And check.

Update: Marlee peed all over the house today. Not quite sure what I am doing wrong but I am going to have to reevaluate this plan. She peed on the couch, on the chair, and on her potty. Yes, I said on the potty. After sitting on the potty for an extended period of time, she wanted to be done so we decided to brush her teeth. The potty seconds as a stool so after about two minutes she began to cry because she peed all over the place. Straight to the bath for Marlee Jo. 

Unfortunately, I work all weekend so I am afraid that this week is not the week for potty training. Hubby does not do very well with pee and poop so I do not think he is going to be able to finish what I started. 

Maybe she is just not ready yet?

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