Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Nine Months Nicky!

I have to admit that I had to get out the calendar to figure out hold old Nicky was this month. Pretty much sums up my life right now - busy and unorganized! Needless to say, he is nine months old and we are getting ready to head to the doctors!

Honestly, if I get this post done in time, it will be a miracle. I just had to take a moment to pull Marlee's Sophia the First easel off his face. 

If I could describe Nicky in one word it would be destructive. 
All boy.
All the time. 
Literally, just had to stop again because he managed to get into his walker - head first. 

He is just a go, go, go baby. He wants to walk but is not quite ready so instead he just grabs and climbs on everything. If it is in his grasp, it is automatically his. Marlee is less than thrilled about this because God forbid anyone touch her things. He is getting stronger and smarter everyday though and I can tell he is learning more and more about his environment. For example, the microwave beep means he is getting a bottle. It is officially a bottle warmer and do not bother telling him any different. 

New this month is his ability to clap and dance. If you have watched any of my YouTube videos (use the menu on the right!), you know that we are a big dance family. Marlee really shakes her groove thing. This month, I noticed Nicholas starting to do a little head bob and body wiggle. It is so darn cute and I am going to try and be quicker with my phone so I can get it on video. He also started clapping with Grandma while doing patty cake. Does not matter what is going on, he will stop and clap. Adorable!

Nicky has one more tooth coming in on the bottom which brings his count to seven teeth which is a good thing because he is big eater! No more pureed foods here. All 'adult' food, all the time. Messy little bugger though. 

On the up side of things, we are down to four bottles per day and he is sleeping through the night 80% of the time. Cannot argue with that number! He is still up at five in the morning but he has been pretty good at sitting in his playpen so Nick can get ready (and I can get 10 minute of sleep!).

He really is such a good, happy boy. 

Update: Doctors appointment went great! He is weighing in at 22lbs 4oz and is 29.5 inches tall. My big and tall baby. He had one vaccination today and didn't even cry - just gave an uncomfortable 'ehhh'. Dr. Weber gave the number for a pediatric ophthalmologist to unclog his tear duct so it looks like surgery could be in the near future. It breaks my heart to have it done (surgery is such a scary word!) but it has to be done. I can tell that it is more and more uncomfortable for him as the months go on. So wish us luck with our next venture!

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