Friday, August 28, 2015

Nickyyy is Seven Months!

Nickyyy is seven months old already!
I type his name like that because it is generally how it is said lately. 
As in "Nickyyyyy... get off the fireplace!". 
"Nickyyyy... get out of the bathroom."
"Nickyyyyy... what are you eating?"
"Nickyyyy... where did you go?"

Yes this list goes on. He is my little monster. Unlike his sister, he is all boy. Rough and tough and messy and always into something. I cannot keep up with him if I tried. I can't take my eyes off of him for two minutes without him getting into something else or hurting himself. He has the bumps and bruises to prove it!

He sure is a lover though. Kisses and hugs and snuggles all day long. He still likes to be rocked to sleep for the most part but as long as I have time, I don't mind it at all. He is a big, warm teddy bear. 

Now if he would just slow down!

He is crawling like a professional, has three teeth (with three not far behind), and sleeps aaaalmost through the night. We are still working on it. It has improved and he is in his crib, but we are not quite there yet. Big Nick and I are exhausted most days. 
All days.  

The good news is that we are officially down to 4 bottles a day with 3 big meals in between. I love making baby food and he loves eating it. We are even working on some self feeding with bananas, apples, and cereal puffs. He has been very content on the food front. This makes me a happy mommy!

Marlee's foot! Ha!
Next appointment is in October and I think we will revisit the idea of surgically having his blocked tear duct open but I am not going to worry about it till then. I just want his beautiful blue eyes to shine. It makes me sad to have to keep messing with it and I know he does not like it either. 

Nickyyyy is happy and healthy and a wonderful addition to this crazy family. Love to watch my children grow.

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