Monday, July 13, 2015

Week One of 21 Day Fix Results!

Week one of the 21 Day Fix is officially in the books!

I am down a fantastic 3.6 lbs and Nicholas is down 5.6 lbs (or so we think... he cannot remember what he weighed on day one). Either way, we are both down in weight and feeling ecstatic about our results. I remember from last round that week one was the hardest and believe me, it has not changed!

Couple pointers for those starting or thinking about starting the program:

1. Plan Your Meals! - Sit down sometime during the week and plan your meals for the week. Make a list and go grocery shopping. Set yourself up for success! Make sure if you are supposed to be having a delicious salad with cauliflower and hot peppers - make sure you have cauliflower and hot peppers! I am not the type of person who can just look in my fridge and whip up a healthy lunch on the fly. Plan, plan, plan!

2. Prep Some Foods - I do not prep everything for the week but lots of things can be made in advance. Two big items for Nick and I were eggs and chicken. Hard boiled eggs can be made on day one and last all week. We actually ran out this first week so today I am headed to the store to get three dozen eggs and going to boil away! This allows us to get a quick serving of protein at our finger tips. Chicken is another item that can be made and portioned for the week. Bake six, eight, ten chicken breasts, let them cool, chop up, and place in sandwich bags. That way you can toss them with pasta, lettuce, wrap in a tortilla, or just grab and munch. And cut that fruit! A big bowl of watermelon is easy and delicious to eat on a daily basis! 
I let a cantaloupe sit on my counter too long and it went bad. Never again! Cut it up!

3. Use Those Containers! - Obviously you want to use the containers to measure all of your food but a little thing I noticed was how wonderful cheese is. You get one blue container each day. Use it! Unless you are a cheese hater, it is a delicious food. And it makes healthy food even better! Cheese on my salad, cheese on my pasta, cheese on my vegetable. It is not cheating but it sure does feel like it. Healthy food does not have to be sad food. Also make sure to try the seasoning mixes that Autumn recipes for in the start up book. They are 'all you can eat' and even have a little salt! We did a pot roast last week with the Mediterranean Seasoning and it was great. We demolished that dish. I plan to use the Smoke Southwestern Seasoning for Chili this week. 

One last thing I have to say is that I hate Shakeology. 
I know that we are supposed to drink one a day but I have to plug my nose and chug it just to get it down. Yuck. I rather just eat another protein in place of it. 

I decided to try a different routine with the Chocolate Shakeology and make some Peanut Butter Brownie Bites. They were ok. I would not say that they were good but adding peanut butter on top makes anything edible. 

Shakeology Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

Shakeology Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

2 Scoops Chocolate Shakeology
1 Tsp Peanut Butter

Add 2 scoops of Shakeology to bowl. Add water till the texture of brownie mix (approximately 2 TBSP). Mix well. Drop small scoops onto foil, topping with small amount of peanut butter. Freeze for one to two hours (or more if needed). Eat!

I am going to test them out on Nicholas when he gets home. 

Ok now my meal plan for this week!

21 Day Fix Week 2

Little Nicholas is getting baptized on Sunday so there is a big opening there. Family and friends are coming over to celebrate so it is hard to say exactly what is going to be eaten and when. It might just be breakfast and dinner that day!

Ok, here is to week two! Good luck!

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