Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy Six Months Nicholas!

Holy crap where did the last six months go? Nicholas James is far from my cuddly little newborn of yesterday. He is weighing in at 20 lbs, 2 oz and is 27.75 inches long. He is quickly growing out of six month clothes and actually might just skip right to twelve month. He always looks like a sausage in some casing when I try to squeeze him into 6-9 month onsies. Sorry babe but I am not buying you anymore summer clothes!

While he is still not crawling properly, he has his army crawl down to an art. He starts off slow and before I know it, he is all over the living room. Usually terrorizing his sister every step of the way! As much as Marlee loves her brother, she wants to love on him on her own terms. Nicholas just wants to eat and drool over everything which upsets princess Marlee greatly. He cannot be stopped though and has even moved on to climbing on the side of the couch, into his seat, and on top of toys. He is pretty unsteady but manages to stand for at least a couple minutes.

He is eating lots and lots of oatmeal during the day - sometimes really surprising me how much he can eat! His bottles are down to around 5 a day - not quite hitting our four per day goal set by the pediatrician but when he is hungry, he is hungry. There is no amount of distracting, rocking, binky, or cuddling that can be done to change his mind. So I am slowly upping the solid food while attempting to cut back on the bottles. Not an east task for such a big boy!

The down side of six months old is some kind of sleep regression that we are going through. He is up several times a night and it is exhausting poor Nicholas and I. I have a plan of action in motion though so hopefully we can break this nasty habit. He is supposed to be sleeping 7+ hours a night but I would settle for 5! (Nicky, give mommy and daddy a break!)

Other than the lack of sleeping and constant puking (yes we are still having a regurgitation issue), baby boy is happy and healthy! Loves to jump and smile and laugh and play! He adores his dad and sister and is always ready to be held. He might not be little but he is still a great cuddlier - when he holds still!

We used Marlee's new chair for pictures this month and it is the perfect picture chair!

Happy half birthday Nicholas! Cannot wait to see what next month brings.

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