Monday, July 6, 2015

Five Months and Busting a Move!

I am a little late on this five month post. 
Ok a lot late. 
Like two weeks late. 

Sorry little Nicky, I was never this late with a blog post for your sister. 
She also napped better than you do. And held still for more than two minutes at a time. 

Regardless, I passed my mommy duties to Nick and am determined to finish this post!

Little Nicky is five months old and is moving all around. He is not quite crawling yet but he definitely gets where he needs to go. It is like a modified army crawl. He shoots himself forward at everything. Which is why a fat lip is in our near future. Between the stones around the fireplace and the mini step between the living room and the dining room, he is bound to smack his face on something. It is cute though to see him crawl after Marlee. And for Marlee to scream and run away. 

He also has two little bottom teeth! The drool is overwhelming! It just puddles everywhere he goes. 

We started him on some whole wheat oatmeal also. We tried it last month but it did not go over well. This time around, he loved it. I could not feed him fast enough. He still wants 18 bottles a day but I am hoping to get him down to four - which is what the pediatrician recommended - by his six month appointment. It is hard when our day starts at 4AM...

Nick laughs and plays and smiles and giggles and really is a sweet, cuddly boy. As tough as it is starting the day super early (this kid does not want to miss a thing), he always starts out with a smile and it is a joy to have two beautiful kiddos. Marlee just adores him and I hope it continues as they grow older. 
I tried to get Marlee in because she looked so cute.
Obviously did not work. 
Gotta wrap this post up! I have one crying baby and one covered in syrup!
Until next time!

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