Tuesday, July 7, 2015

21 Day Fix - Round 2

With the encouragement from some wonderful work friends, I have started the 21 Day Fix - Round 2. 

For those that read my first 21 Day Fix post, you already know that it is a meal portion and workout package that allows you to lose up to 15 lbs in 21 days. I roped in my husband and started my meal planning last week. I don't remember it being this difficult... although he throws in an extra curve ball. I have to plan for the both of us and make sure the foods are similar. A hungry husband is an unhappy husband. So my meal planner for this week has a lot of the usual foods we would normally eat (the 21 Day Fix makes it easy to modify as needed!), as well as spaces for his extra containers. He is in the next up calorie bracket so gets an extra green. purple, and yellow container. 

I am hoping to try some different recipes and post as I go. Stuffed peppers and 21 Day Fix Chili are at the top of my list! For now here is my planner for this week:

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

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