Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day Two: No Binkie

We are trying to get rid of the binkie. 
Call it what you want; binkie, pacifier, foofoo, the list goes on. 
It is her number one, go to, happy place object. Of course there is bear, blanket, baby, and milky (serious comfort issues here), but the binkie is number one. 

I have to admit that it has been my second hand man which is why we allow her to still have it at bedtime but we decided that it does not leave the bedroom. Day one was rough. Really rough. She cried for it allll day - unless we kept busy. Really busy. So today was a busy day. She only asked for it a couple times and I'll take that as a success.

We started our day with planting our garden. We kept it small this year with four tomatoes, three peppers, and several lettuce plants but it was planted and I love it. Marlee was Nicks big helper. She loved digging in the dirt but really didn't want to touch it. Such a girl sometimes.

Then we planted some flowers in the front.

After we cleaned up a bit, we went for a walk in Magnolia.

And got milkshakes!

We ran into some family and stopped for some shade.

We ended the day with some watermelon under the tree while Nick washed the car.

By the time we were inside, it was time for bed and she got her binkie back.

And all was right in the world.

Hopefully tomorrow can be as successful! Wish us luck!

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