Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Months and Growing!

Baby Nick turned three months on Tuesday and I am a little late on posting but better late than never!

He is getting bigger and stronger everyday. He has rolled over three times from his belly to his back and absolutely loves tummy time. He smiles and giggles and even laughs! He enjoys being talked to and being held. My big baby is wearing anywhere from 3 to 9 month clothing and not slowing down on growing anytime soon. I should have great arms by the time he is one. 

He is finally sleeping through the night but is still sleeping at our bedside. We haven't made the transition to his crib yet since we don't want to wake Marlee in the process and since they are roommates, I do not see the move happening anytime soon. Never wake a sleeping princess!

Marlee and Nicky (as she has started to call him) are the best of friends so far. As soon as Marlee wakes up, she asks 'Where's baby?'. He is starting to become more focused on her and everything she does. He will lay on his back and his eyes are going all over the room watching what she does. She continues to be gentle and give him his daily pet on the head. I love that we had them so close and they will grow up together.

We are done breast feeding which is a little bittersweet. It is a little earlier than I had hoped but it was definitely more difficult this time around. With a toddler running around, working in a busy ER, and constantly having family close, it became less of a priority and more of a hassle. He has been drinking formula great though and he has even occasionally spaced out feeding to every 3 hours instead of 2. 

If I am lucky, I can get him to nap a couple times a day. He is still a belly sleeper with his white noise machine. Big Nick and I have learned to mute out the noise as we sleep. 

Our sweet boy unfortunately is a big spitter-upper. So after having him in his nice picture clothes, he spit up all over them. And then peed through his next outfit, so I gave up and just put him in PJ's. Comfy and cute! 
Seriously though, does the laundry ever end?!

Three months!! Where does the time go?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Nicholas James is Two Months!

Baby Nicholas turned two months on Saturday and he is getting bigger every day! I mean he was big to begin with but now he is practically toddler sized. 

Ok I am exaggerating just a bit but he really is a big boy. He had his doctors appointment today and weighted 15 lbs 7 oz and is 24 inches long! Marlee was nowhere near that size by two months. He is 100% healthy though which is all that really matters. I just pretend that I am losing more weight by carrying around a 15 lb weight all day.  

He is still a fussy little baby but it is getting better. It seems that the fussiness has peaked and I am learning his signs and signals. I actually was able to get him to lay down for a nap three times yesterday which is unheard of! One of the naps was while Marlee was also napping so you can only imagine my excitement. I was able to pay bills and drink my morning cup of coffee which had since gone cold. 
Being an adult is fun. Sike. 

Regardless, he is sleeping around 4-6 hours a night and is out of our bed! I would like to put him in his crib but since he and Marlee are in the same room, I do not want to wake the princess at night. If there is one thing I have going for me, it is that Marlee is a great sleeper! Now if I could get Nicholas on board. 

Nicholas is not a binky lover but does enjoy the white noise machine which is in the playpen next to his nest. He still loves to be carried around but spends little bits of time on his play mat and in his swing. He is smiling more and more everyday and loooves to be talked to. It is pretty darn adorable. 

He does look a lot like his sister but looks even more like his dad - blue eyes, fair skinned, and a smile that you cannot help but smile back at. 

Our photo shoot did not exactly go as planned for several reasons. 1. He is a fussy baby. 2. He was hungry and we were in a hurry. 3. Marlee Jo wanted in on the action.

I still was able to get some cute shots of baby boy...

and a few of my princess.

Even Isaac got in on the photo shoot!

He is a perfect addition to our little family.

Our crazy little family <3 p="">