Saturday, February 21, 2015

Happy One Month Nicholas!

Nicholas James is one month old today!
Where has the time gone?

Little Nick goes to the doctors on Monday but I am sure that he is way over ten pounds and growing like a weed! Newborn clothes were too small about a week ago. 

He loves to eat and be carried around. Anything else he is not quite happy with. Honestly, he is a bit of a fussy baby. 

BUT, he is still pretty cute. 

He has great head control already and smiles everyday. It's that random, newborn smile but I still look forward to it. His smile and those cute little newborn sounds. Especially after he sneezes - he makes the cutest sigh like sneezing was the hardest thing he ever had to do. 

Baby Nick only sleeps about two hours at a time - if I am lucky. It has led to quite a few long nights - and days. I keep telling myself that it does gets easier! 

It is hard to believe that he wasn't even here a month ago considering he makes our family feel so whole. 

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