Saturday, January 3, 2015

Merry Christmas from Marlee and Me

Let's start this post by being positive since if you know anything about my feelings toward Christmas, it is a rare occurrence to be positive about it. With that being said, Christmas was really nice this year. 
Weather was beautiful. No snow = no dangerous driving around with my family in the car. No snow = no cold, wet feet after walking in and out of the various errands a mother must run. No snow = no shoveling or salt tossing in order to get up my drive way. I could seriously do this weather all winter long. 
Family was obviously the best part of holidays. Everyone was getting along. Everyone came over to the house on Christmas morning to celebrate, eat breakfast, and open gifts. It was really nice and hopefully a tradition we can keep. Being able to see everyone open gifts with such excitement and joy was a wonderful way to start the day. 

This post could easily turn into a novel with all the fun things we did to get ready for Christmas day. We did the usual traditions of visiting Santa, making cookies, and cutting down our tree. Marlee was not sold on any of our traditions. She did not like Santa (takes after her momma), was not so sure about what was going on at the tree farm, and thought icing cookies was some kind of awful torture that she wanted no part of. The pictures though make it all worth it. Sometimes you just have to laugh when those kodak moments you imagine go differently as planned. 

First up is Light Up Downtown Canton where we went to meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus. 
Waiting in line was a breeze. Marlee was a in a great mood and looking so cute in her Christmas hat. 

It went downhill really fast.
Nailed it.

Isaac is a natural. He asked for candy... candy. 

Ok lets try adding Marlee back in...

Ok enough torture - cookie time.

Cookies and hot chocolate! Our favorite. 

Next up was cutting down the Christmas tree at Pine Tree Barn in Wooster. Poor Marlee was very confused with the whole trip and her face definitely showed it. I could not get a smile out of her the whole trip. It probably did not help that her coat was a little big and she kept falling down in the mud. 
Her face says it all - "What the heck are we doing?"

I tried so hard to get a smile out of her.

Finally found our tree and Marlee still was not impressed.

We were able to get it home and it looked great in the living room. Marlee surprisingly did not pay any attention to the tree. She did not go near it at all. Like having a giant, shiny tree in the house was normal to her. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but I was honestly surprised. 

Last but not least was the cookie decorating. I was not even going to do cut outs this year but Nick reallllly wanted them so I gave it. It literally took me weeks to complete since batch one 'chilled' in the refrigerator a bit too long and I had to make another batch. 

Needless to say, Marlee liked being around the icing of the cookies but did not want anything to do with the actually icing. Keep in mind, she hates getting her hands dirty. She was 100% content on her one little pile of icing on the table and I was of course 100% content on her contentment. 
Her faces though are seriously hilarious. She is not shy on letting her face speak for itself. 

Family pictures!

Marlee and her pile of icing. No cookies. No sprinkles. Just a little bit of icing. 

Nick tried to spice it up a bit and give her sprinkles. She did not approve. 

Seriously so distraught over this process.

I did get one smile out of her. Love that hair Marlee!

There is no way that I can look at these pictures and not laugh. She really did not want the green icing. 

Overall, it was a great Christmas. It is nice to enjoy it with family and remember what the holidays are really about. The toys and clothes and cookies and trees will all fade but the memories truly last forever. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and Merry Christmas! 
Till next year, 
Marlee and Me

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