Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marlee Josephine

Late night insomnia has struck again. 
Or maybe it is just the extreme pregnancy uncomfortableness that I have been feeling the last couple of days. Baby Nicholas has proven to be quite the trouble maker. 
Either way, making a strawberry poptart, playing Farm Heros Saga, and doing some online shopping is not exactly the cure I was hoping for so blogging it is!

A Marlee Jo update is definitely needed since it has been a little while since I posted all her accomplishments. She truly does amaze me everyday. I have been getting a little sentimental and going through some old videos of her and it really is hard to remember her being so small! At her 15 month appointment, she weighed 22lbs 4oz and is 31 inches tall. My perfect little peanut.

As you can see, her hair is long enough to fit into pigtails and I think it is the most adorable thing I have ever seen. She usually takes it out but for this brief moment, she allowed a couple pictures to be taken. 

Her favorite foods are yogurt and oatmeal. Of course, they are also the messiest of the foods. It is usually a shirtless affair which is followed quickly by a bath. She is getting better though and has become quite determined to get more in her mouth than on her belly. Sometimes I just let her do her own thing...

Since I never got around to doing a Trick or Treat post, Marlee was a kitty cat and I made her costume out of some tulle and a black boa. Super easy and it turned out just as I had hoped. Her ears were a little big and would not stay up but she was still adorable. She absolutely loved Trick or Treating. Ok so really she just loved being able to run around the neighborhood. 

At her 15 month appointment, the doctor expected her to know about 3-5 words. Well Marlee might not have the best pronunciation but she knows around 10-15 right now so when do I start calling her a baby genius! Just kidding. I know all parents think their kid is a genius. 

I will say that she knows the color blue (boo), where her nose is, and that a cow goes moo. 

Marlee prefers to talk in grunts and hand gestures but when really forced to, she will use her words. She knows apple, thank you (tank ooo), mom, dad, bubby, sock, milk, snack, no (no, no, no), up, down, ball, all done, blue, book, and I am sure various other words that I cannot think of at this time. I am seriously so amazed that this little babe started from nothing! She is learning so fast and I feel like I cannot keep up sometimes. 

Literally, I cannot keep up sometimes. This girl is a little tornado of energy. While I am a large whale of a human being. The fact that I am not sleeping right now is beyond me. 

Bubby (Isaac) is still Marlee's favorite person. It is a guaranteed smile when he walks in the door. I hope they stay close forever. Siblings are so important. 

Other random Marlee facts;
She loves to read books...

and color.

She hates Band-Aids. Last time I ever do that...

And has a strange foot and tongue obsession. She thinks they are the funniest things in the world. She will literally smell peoples feet just so she can laugh about it. Wonder where she learned that from..?

That is about it. Marlee at 16 months in a nutshell. 
My princess. 

Now hopefully I can get some sleep. Church is going to come really early tomorrow.

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