Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend Roundup

I love fall - or autumn for you fancy people.

I love the cooler air (perfect pregnant weather), the trees, the food (pumpkin everything!), the warmer clothes, Halloween, pumpkins, and everything in between! Fall is certainly my favorite season.

This weekend was so action packed that even going to work on Monday did not bring me down. Friday was my birthday so we did a birthday dinner at the always wonderful Tozzi's on 12th. I ate dinner so fast that I was not able to get a picture but the dessert was extra special!

Chocolate Lava Cake - Ahh So Good

Saturday was my cousins wedding and everyone had a blast as they should at a wedding. So weird to think that was us two years ago! The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was full of fun. My fat feet were crying by the end of the night though. I might not been able to drink but I was sure to get my fill of cookies. Maybe two peoples fill of cookies but who is counting? All four of us sisters were able to make it which is unheard of so a couple quick photo booth pictures were required. 

Sunday we went to Nickajack Farms with the always wonderful Moore family and had a blast. 

I actually kind of want to go back just to let Marlee run around some more. She was so excited to be free for once. Of course she ran right for a giant mud puddle but after a little corralling, she figured out where she could and couldn't run. She also loved playing with the girls!

Nick and Marlee did a little pumpkin bowling but the idea of knocking down the pins after she took all the time setting them up was too much for Marlee.

Quick photo shoot!

By the time the hayride rolled around, Marlee was pretty much done. 

After the hayride, we grabbed a quick pumpkin and left before a meltdown happened. Isaac was not able to join us so we had Marlee pick out his pumpkin too!


We ended the day with a Cleveland Browns win over the Steelers and some spicy chili for dinner. 

Such a great start to October with family and friends. We still have so much to look forward to this month but at the top of my list is Trick or Treating with Marlee. I should probably get started on her costume! 

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