Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Can We Talk About Pregnancy Hormones?

It is that time of the pregnancy already! Hormones are starting to get all crazy and act up. I do have to say that it started a little later this time around but it has started none the less. And at least they are sappy, 'I wanna cry over stupid things' hormones and not the 'I want to kill my husband or other random person' hormones. 

Not that Nick and I ever threaten to kill each other over an empty toilet paper roll or anything. Never ever. 

Eh, I did wish the burning down of a local plaza but that was just Italian talk, not pregnancy hormones. But I digress. 

So I am 25 weeks along this week which means I am in the sixth month of pregnancy. I have one more monthly visit with the OB and then I start bi-weekly visits! Holy moly, where did the time go? Oh and it is a boy! Did I mention this yet? Say hello to the blog world Nicholas James II...

Another happy, healthy baby and I can speak for both Nick and I when I say that we are absolutely thrilled and blessed. God has been good to the Hough family. 

Ok now back to these hormones. Marlee is a huge source of these meltdowns because she is getting so big and smart and beautiful! She has been so great with nap times lately which is a huge relief because working midnights is rough enough as is - add in a pregnancy plus a busy night in the ER - and it can be a recipe for disaster. Marlee has pretty much learned that when she is tired, she is tired. There is no amount of TV, food, playtime, or music that can distract her from being sleepy. She takes her bear and heads back to her room. Just like that. I place her in her crib and we both take a nap. Normal people would be ecstatic to this new development in routine. I on the other hand cried about three times about this. She is just getting so big and is now making decisions for herself. When did she get so big!? 

I also cried the other day over a space heater. Of course this all circles back to Marlee but it was essentially the fact that it was cold and Nick placed a space heater in her room. I have this serious issue with temperature management. It is the same thing with hot or cold weather. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to tell if Marlee is temperature appropriate. Last winter, my child never wore coats. I do not like them. First, they do not fit into car seats and second, I have this unreasonable fear of her getting too hot. She can't tell me so how do I know? Well, since the weather is starting to get a little chilly at night, I worry that she is cold. I am not cold but I sleep with a blanket on. Of course, I express this fear with Nicholas who is confident that Marlee is fine. After checking on her for the tenth time to makes sure her extremities are warm, Nick went to the basement and retrieved the space heater to place in her room. No questions asked. Cue the tears. I went to the bathroom and cried. It was just so nice of him. He knew I was being crazy but appeased my fears anyways. I went to the bathroom because I literally know how ridiculous this sounds! It was nice though. My husband has always been so nice. I may or may not have checked on her a couple times that night to make sure it wasn't too hot but that is irrelevant. 

Pretty sure these will not be the only instances of crying that come up during the rest of my pregnancy. Last year it was the snow that cued tears. We haven't even hit that nuisance yet. 
Although everyone should cry over snow. It is an awful, awful thing. 

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