Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bedroom Switcharoo

Let me say first that my blog hits have freaking skyrocketed lately because of my 21 Day Fix posts from a while back. So everyone that is here for that, sorry I went and got knocked up. BUT I did see that there is a new 21 Day Fix Extreme coming out in February. Um hello! Baby is due in January so I will definitely be looking into this as soon as I hear more about the program. I can guarantee that it is not going to be easy but it was so amazing the first time around, I am sure it is only going to get better! 

Any who, since we found out that we are adding a baby boy to the family, we needed to do some bedroom reconfiguration. We do not have enough room in this house for the family size we have now (let the house search begin!) so adding another child to the madness is going to need a little finesse. We decided to move Isaac to Marlee's current room and move Marlee to the bigger room which allows us to put Marlee and baby Nicholas together. We finally finished almost finished painting both rooms (small touches still need added) this weekend so decorating and some small touches should make the rooms perfect for Isaac and the babes. I gathered a ton of inspiration from Pinterest so before I share the final outcomes, I thought I would share some of those ideas first. 

Isaac's room is almost complete. The number one thing with his room was to declutter and reorganized without making it 'boring' or 'too simple'. I wanted to keep it kid friendly but with Isaac turning 10 next month, he really is not a kid anymore. He is not into toys or legos or coloring or dinosaurs etc etc. He loves sports, video games, and movies. So we either donated all this old toys or placed them in the basement. Then Nick and I decided on a baseball theme and really ran with it. So far, I am loving his room. I will post pictures as soon as it is complete.

My original inspiration started with this dresser. I was not able to find a source for the picture but I just fell in love with the look of it! My mother-in-law just finished painting her bedroom furniture so had some paint left over and offered to tackle this task. 

Then things just exploded from there. What would I do without Pinterest?

I loved the clean, organized look of these pictures. Something we were missing with his room before. I hate clutter!

I loved these prints from Wunder Kammer on Etsy so I ordered them and placed them in frames for above Isaac's bed. They are baseball patents which really gave it an 'old baseball' feel. 

Then I found this tutorial for painting a baseball wall and I was hooked. I cannot draw. Or paint. Or even color for that matter. I pretend to be crafty but really fail about 80% of the time. Simply Mom makes it look so easy and amazing though so I am going to give this a try once the dresser is complete. 

Isaac is thrilled with his new room and it makes me so happy to see him adjusting so well to the new arriving this winter. He really is a great big brother. 

The babies room on the other hand is going to take a little bit longer to complete. Since it is a boy and girl room, I wanted things to be separate but still have a cohesive look to it. I choose gray for the main color of the room and rug. It gives it a neutral feel and then I was going to jazz it up with accents. Nick is not completely thrilled with all the gray but I think once it comes all together, it won't be so bland. Some of my Pinterest inspiration is as follows;


I love the look of each of these rooms. They all had a great flow to them but it was very obvious that they were shared rooms. I am in the process of looking for wall decor to give each side a boy vs girl feel.

These plaques from Pottery Barn are perfectttt but spending $120 dollars on two pieces of wood is just beyond me. And I am pretty sure Nick would give me that look he gives when I do too much shopping... Look at these though! Adorable!

I will probably end up buying a couple of prints like these and then heading to Marshalls to get some cute frames to place them in. 

Etsy is an amazing place for all things nursery related!

Ok now to head out to the craft store to buy some fabric for curtains. I am looking for a gray, blue, pink fabric to attempt to make some roman shades. This might push my patience to the edge but I am going to attempt it anyway. I am so excited to post some pictures of the rooms once they are complete!

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