Saturday, September 6, 2014

Better Late Than Never Vacation Post

Marlee has put herself down for a nap for the third day in a row and I am still astonished but I am taking this little bit of free time to put up some vacation pictures! 

Let me say that vacation was great. No work. Great weather. Amazing food! And lots of time to spend with the family. With that being said, vacation with children is hard. Marlee thrives on routine and vacation does not always allow for this routine to be followed. Big brother of course wanted to be at the beach all day and swim at the pool all night - which is what vacation is all about - but Marlee was not having it. And being large and sweaty most of the time, I was not exactly down for hours at the beach either. I really just wanted to nap and eat - ha! We figured it all out but it separated Nick and I for a lot of the vacation. Lots of memories and pictures from the trip though made it 100% worth it. 

I just needed a vacation after vacation. 

Most of the days started around 5AM when Marlee woke up and realized that she was in the same room as us, which obviously meant it was play time. So we started with the beach before it was hell hot. Marlee was not so sure about all the dirty sand and water that attacked her from every angle but she did warm up to it and loved running into the ocean. 

We ate out for dinner every night and tried to eat as much seafood as possible! Marlee discovered her love for ketchup and it was literally the only thing she would eat for dinner while on vacation. Nick and I would have to dip a fry in ketchup a million times over during dinner. The dinner locations down in Florida though lead to some great photo opportunities. And it allowed Marlee to run around a little while waiting for food. 

We always spent a little time at the pool before, after, or in between trips. Marlee loved the water a little too much. She is so independent though that she wanted to 'swim' on her own. She did not want to be in her tube and did not want to be held. She just wanted to jump in - and obviously sink to the bottom of we would let her. So she spent a lot of time walking around the sides waiting for her chance to jump. It was a bit exhausting to say the least but she loved it which makes it all worth while. 

A couple of the nights we went to the pier and had ice cream. Marlee loved being able to have some freedom and run around. 

Little did I know that Marlee was being eaten alive by sand fleas in those last pictures which lead to lots of benadryl and cream for the trip home.

Poor babe.

As you can see, we had a great trip and it was definitely well deserved! I wish it was that beautiful everyday. Two more years and we will be on our way back - a vacation every two years is plenty! And by then, we will have an 11 year old, a 3 year old, and an 18 month old. We will have our hands full!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Quick Update!

So I am well aware that I am behind on Marlee's one year photo shoot (which turned out amazing!) and vacation posts but figured I would do a quick overall update till then. Marlee is asleep so I need to use my time wisely!

First, baby number two is getting bigger everyday! I am now 21 weeks and starting to pack on the pounds. My extreme love for sugar in all forms does not help but I am trying to stay as active as possible. Baby number two has proven to make him/herself well known in the past couple of weeks. Literally a pain in the stomach. After a couple doctors visits, I was reassured that second pregnancy is harder on the body, which still makes no sense to me, but baby is healthy and right on track. I just have to walk around pretending like there isn't an occasional knife in my belly with the desire to curl into a tiny ball. The doctor also advised that I try not to carry Marlee around as much - yea that is going to go over really well. The good news is that we finally get to find out the sex next week! Nick and I are counting down the days till then! I should also tell my job soon about maternity leave but that is another story... 

Marlee Jo on the other hand has been such a peach! We have been really in sync with our nap times and she has even been a little bit of a cuddle bug which is so unlike her. Is it possible she knows a baby is coming? Or that I have not exactly been feeling the best? Either way, we have been really good with routine and keeping her on a schedule. The past two days, I have asked her if she was ready for a nap and she grabbed her bear and went to the bedroom. Sweetest little thing I have ever seen. Hard to believe that she is going to be a BIG sister soon! 

Work for Nick and I has been great. Nick works too much but he is doing a great job and selling cars like a mad man! We were actually able to do a little Christmas shopping with our checks this week - Christmas shopping - in September! As far as working in the ER goes, I absolutely love it. I have learned so much in the last two months and adore everyone I work with. The ER is something else though - never a dull moment! Love, love, love what I do!

I think that is a good run down of life as of now. Work and babies. I have three days off so am going to clean this house, watch some football, and kick my feet up! 
Happy Friday everyone!