Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marlee on Vacation - Part 1

I am planning a vacation post once we are home and all settled in but Marlee is asleep and the boys are at the pool so I had a couple seconds to review some of the vacation pictures from the last couple of days. One thing I have noticed is that Marlee makes some pretty funny faces. Keep in mind that I have taken about four hundred pictures in the last couple of days but it is still enjoyable to see the full spectrum of Marlee's personality.
So here she is, the many faces of Marlee on vacation. 

Oh and I bought a new phone since I shattered mine before vacation so I can post videos on YouTube again! Here is a short one from the beach. 

She was not this excited about the beach on day one but by day three, she grew to like it. More on that later! Enjoy. 

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