Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Marlee!

My little girl has hit the one year mark! She is officially a toddler and no longer a baby (although she will always be my baby). We had her birthday party on Sunday and it was an amazing day. It was supposed to be a small get together but once we invite family - it is never small! I mean the party had its own Pinterest board. It turned out great though. Thanks to everyone that help - especially Godmother Toni! I had no doubts that she would put together a great party for my Marlee Jo. 

I have been a little sappy leading up to her birthday (I blame hormones) but this really is a huge day for her. She has grown so much. I put together a small photo album of the last year with Marlee and it is so sweet to be able to look back at all the events in her life. From the big things like her Baptism and first Christmas, to the smaller things like her laughing with daddy and playing with brother. They all mean so much to me. And although I joke that she is a mini Satan, she really is a great girl. Her laugh is contagious and it is hard not to smile all day long when I am with her. It is a great feeling to know that Nick and I have done a good job so far raising a smart, funny, healthy, and full of personality little girl. 

Normally I would put together a Happy One Year post but I am getting Marlee some professional pictures done after we return from vacation so I am going to save that post for a little later. The pictures from Amber and Casey of Wise Capture are a million times better than any picture I can take with my iPhone. 

Here are some pictures from Marlee's big one year bash! Thanks again for everyone that came and helped get everything ready!

Cake and Presents!
Amazing cake and cookies by Emily's Tasty Treats!
(And they were absolutely amazing!)

Boats and Anchors Cake and Cookies

Sharing a popsicle with brother

Cake time!

Even brother was able to 'eat' some cake!

She loved the icing. 

Cake by Emily's Tasty Treats

 Everyone gets a picture with the birthday girl!

Marlee was exhausted from all the fun.

As you can see, Marlee had a blast! I even let her stay up till eight playing with all her new toys while I hung up all her new clothes. I thought she was spoiled before - now I know she is spoiled. 
And very, very lucky to have everyone in her life. 

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