Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marlee on Vacation - Part 1

I am planning a vacation post once we are home and all settled in but Marlee is asleep and the boys are at the pool so I had a couple seconds to review some of the vacation pictures from the last couple of days. One thing I have noticed is that Marlee makes some pretty funny faces. Keep in mind that I have taken about four hundred pictures in the last couple of days but it is still enjoyable to see the full spectrum of Marlee's personality.
So here she is, the many faces of Marlee on vacation. 

Oh and I bought a new phone since I shattered mine before vacation so I can post videos on YouTube again! Here is a short one from the beach. 

She was not this excited about the beach on day one but by day three, she grew to like it. More on that later! Enjoy. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marlee Through the Months

Ok one last birthday post!
I started looking back through the monthly pictures I took of Marlee and I thought of the idea of making a quick layout of Marlee through the months. 

The first one is the first day we brought her home and the last one is at eleven months. 
She has changed so much. Her features. Her hair. Her expressions. 
My love for her has never changed though. 
Perfect in every picture. 
Even the bad days, I could not wait for you to wake up and smile at me. To see those big brown eyes. To see you grow and develop into the very entertaining toddler you are.

Always my baby. My first born. My mini me. 

Love you more than you will ever know. 

Happy Birthday Marlee!

My little girl has hit the one year mark! She is officially a toddler and no longer a baby (although she will always be my baby). We had her birthday party on Sunday and it was an amazing day. It was supposed to be a small get together but once we invite family - it is never small! I mean the party had its own Pinterest board. It turned out great though. Thanks to everyone that help - especially Godmother Toni! I had no doubts that she would put together a great party for my Marlee Jo. 

I have been a little sappy leading up to her birthday (I blame hormones) but this really is a huge day for her. She has grown so much. I put together a small photo album of the last year with Marlee and it is so sweet to be able to look back at all the events in her life. From the big things like her Baptism and first Christmas, to the smaller things like her laughing with daddy and playing with brother. They all mean so much to me. And although I joke that she is a mini Satan, she really is a great girl. Her laugh is contagious and it is hard not to smile all day long when I am with her. It is a great feeling to know that Nick and I have done a good job so far raising a smart, funny, healthy, and full of personality little girl. 

Normally I would put together a Happy One Year post but I am getting Marlee some professional pictures done after we return from vacation so I am going to save that post for a little later. The pictures from Amber and Casey of Wise Capture are a million times better than any picture I can take with my iPhone. 

Here are some pictures from Marlee's big one year bash! Thanks again for everyone that came and helped get everything ready!

Cake and Presents!
Amazing cake and cookies by Emily's Tasty Treats!
(And they were absolutely amazing!)

Boats and Anchors Cake and Cookies

Sharing a popsicle with brother

Cake time!

Even brother was able to 'eat' some cake!

She loved the icing. 

Cake by Emily's Tasty Treats

 Everyone gets a picture with the birthday girl!

Marlee was exhausted from all the fun.

As you can see, Marlee had a blast! I even let her stay up till eight playing with all her new toys while I hung up all her new clothes. I thought she was spoiled before - now I know she is spoiled. 
And very, very lucky to have everyone in her life. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Today is Monday?

If I had a general sub-theme of this blog it would be 'busy' because besides Marlee, I am generally always talking about the business of being busy. And I am pretty sure there are a bazillion people busier than I am but hey! I do not care. 
Yes, I do. I feel bad for busy people. It is exhausting!

My beautiful Grandma brought it to my attention that I have not posted at all this month! So this post goes out to her! 
Hey Gma!

Marlee, my sweet little baby girl, will no longer be a baby. This Wednesday she turns one. So I have been busy planning her birthday party (which was Sunday and will have a separate post for itself) and emotionally preparing myself for this big day. Time flies. I know everyone says this but seriously, my baby, the baby that just a year ago I was in the hospital getting ready to give birth to, is turning one. Her party was amazing. My family and friends are amazing. It really was a great day, but we will get to that later. 

Nick and I both started new jobs within the past month. So we have been trying to adjust to new surroundings, new schedules, and new specialties. He is now in the car selling biz (check out Ohio Auto Warehouse - great cars and helpful staff!) and I am now an Emergency Room nurse for a local hospital. Big changes with hopefully even bigger possibilities for both of us - and of course the family! Unfortunately with training being on days and Nick not getting home till after six, things have been really crazy with Isaac and Marlee. I am used to being home with her all day and I have had quite a few days that I do not get to see her at all. BUT this week is the last for orientation and then we have a week for vacation. After that, things should be back to normal. Hopefully.

Vacation is next week so the mental prep has started for that. The craziness will start Thursday when I start packing. How do you pack with a nine and one year old? Ekk. 

Baby number two pregnancy is going wonderfully. I feel great but am exhausted. It could be the new job, the crazy schedule, pregnancy in general, or Marlee keeping me on my feet at all times. Regardless of the culprit, I fall asleep as early as possible. Lets just say that husband and wife time was far and few in between. We were able to watch a movie last night though which was something small, but definitely needed. 

Once I write it all down, it doesn't really seem like that much! ha! We are extremely busy though. I have a growing appreciation for stay at home moms and working moms alike - since I dabble in a little of both. I think staying with Marlee all day gives me a break from work and working all night gives me a break from Marlee! Hopefully that is not too horrible to say! Eh, truth is life. 

Ok one quick sneak peak from Marlee's Boats and Anchors Birthday Party! 

I will update soon! I won't make you wait a month for the next one!