Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Ten Months Marlee!

Marlee has finally hit double digit months! (On May 23rd - a bit late!)

She is blossoming into a full of energy and curious little nugget. 

Marlee now has TWO teeth - both on the bottom. She loves to open and close things - such as drawers, cabinets, and books. She is standing all by herself and even takes a couple steps every now and then. Her laugh is so contagious and she knows it. She is going to be quiet the little ham. It is very obvious that she gets her personality from her dad. 

Besides being read to, swimming in the tub, and watching Disney, my baby girl loves to eat. Which makes this Italian momma very happy. There is very, very few things that she does not like. Strawberries being on that list but I think it is more of a texture issue rather than taste. 

We are loving the nice weather and being able to get outside for walks and playing in the grass. This summer is going to be loaded with fun!

Now some pictures!
Thanks to Nick for helping with her attention!

Marlee also helped plant the garden which will be the next post! See you soon!

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