Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Eleven Months Marlee!

The countdown has started to Marlee's big one year old birthday party! She is now eleven months old and I have starting feeling a bit nostalgic about her getting so big. I started packing up her clothes that are too small and kissing her baby months goodbye. At this time last year, we were counting down the days to her arrival - to the moment that I would meet the little peanut that has been growing in my belly - to make our family bigger by one sassy, beautiful, funny, joyful baby girl. And here I am counting down the days to her birthday.
Que secret, silent sobbing

This month Marlee has learned to give kisses, give high fives, and clap her hands. Although she is currently on a kisses strike, (I see you kiss your bear Marlee so I know you still know how to do it!) it is so adorable and I love every drooly one. She is walking more and more everyday. If she would take her time and stop laughing hysterically, she would be a pro! Her hair is super curly and she has three teeth -two bottom and one on the top. She is perfect in my eyes.

Here is her second to last birthday photo shoot!
It was a very giggling one. 

It is impossible to see her smile and not smile myself. 

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