Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby Lime

Well my anxiety filled two weeks has passed and after the longest doctors appointment of my life, baby lime (size, not name) is happy and healthy. Minor complications lead to an early ultrasound and -wala! - there was our little peanut on the screen. Big head, big belly, and little arms and legs were swimming all around. Heartbeat was a steady 156 and after shedding a little tear of happiness, we were sent home with a couple pictures and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The doctor does want me to take it easy for a couple weeks but besides that, everything is perfect. Next appointment is in a couple months and we should of know the sex then!

I will leave you with a picture of our little lime.

Hello baby!

Happy Eleven Months Marlee!

The countdown has started to Marlee's big one year old birthday party! She is now eleven months old and I have starting feeling a bit nostalgic about her getting so big. I started packing up her clothes that are too small and kissing her baby months goodbye. At this time last year, we were counting down the days to her arrival - to the moment that I would meet the little peanut that has been growing in my belly - to make our family bigger by one sassy, beautiful, funny, joyful baby girl. And here I am counting down the days to her birthday.
Que secret, silent sobbing

This month Marlee has learned to give kisses, give high fives, and clap her hands. Although she is currently on a kisses strike, (I see you kiss your bear Marlee so I know you still know how to do it!) it is so adorable and I love every drooly one. She is walking more and more everyday. If she would take her time and stop laughing hysterically, she would be a pro! Her hair is super curly and she has three teeth -two bottom and one on the top. She is perfect in my eyes.

Here is her second to last birthday photo shoot!
It was a very giggling one. 

It is impossible to see her smile and not smile myself. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Is It Nap Time Yet?

I feel like this is my life motto lately. I literally wake up and the first thing I do is plan my next nap time.
Not literally. Marlee demands attention waaay before I get any actual intelligent thought in my head.
Lately I have not been sleeping well. And of course my anxiety is at all time high because of this. Or maybe my lack of sleep is because of the anxiety? Either way, they are directly correlated and its sucking me dry. I am either too hot, or too cold, or uncomfortable, or have a bad dream that I can't shake quick enough to fall back asleep.
My OB appointment for baby number 2 was last Thursday and I have been having anxiety ever since I scheduled this appointment. I am not even sure why I feel this way. I am having way more symptoms then I did with Marlee but still don't 'feel' pregnant. I have the textbook nausea (just barely), fatigue, cravings, and bloating. I obviously have take several pregnancy tests and the doctor confirmed it - I'm pregnant! - but I feel different. So I was so anxious to finally get to hear a heartbeat at my appointment - maybe just so it would feel more real!
Well we did the 20 question interrogation as usual - 'Second baby?' 'Any symptoms?' 'Any bleeding?' 'Do you smoke?' 'Is Dad healthy?' 'How was the birth of baby number one?' Etc etc. Then we had to do the exam and she said we would try to hear the heartbeat since I was 'thin' and almost 10 weeks along (I was nine weeks and 4 days). So she applied the cold gel and waved the magic wand but there was nothing.
It was hard. Really hard. She said it was too early. I knew it was too early. But I wanted to hear it so bad. I was waiting and praying and hoping for a beat. She asked if I wanted an ultrasound but I declined. My husband was not there and I did not want to get all upset over nothing. It was too early. I just have to wait two more weeks and she said I could come back to hear it. Just because we could not hear it does not mean that there is not one.
But my anxiety is not at bay. I am restless and secretly distraught. I need to snap out of it and realize that we didn't even go to our first appointment with Marlee till after 12 weeks. Everything just felt so much more real with her.
Now that my anxiety is out there, maybe my anxiety will subside for a bit. A little release of emotions. My next appointment is the 26th which is a little over a week away. I should be pretty busy between now and then so my mind will be full - hopefully.
Here's to busy schedules and even busier minds!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Happy Ten Months Marlee!

Marlee has finally hit double digit months! (On May 23rd - a bit late!)

She is blossoming into a full of energy and curious little nugget. 

Marlee now has TWO teeth - both on the bottom. She loves to open and close things - such as drawers, cabinets, and books. She is standing all by herself and even takes a couple steps every now and then. Her laugh is so contagious and she knows it. She is going to be quiet the little ham. It is very obvious that she gets her personality from her dad. 

Besides being read to, swimming in the tub, and watching Disney, my baby girl loves to eat. Which makes this Italian momma very happy. There is very, very few things that she does not like. Strawberries being on that list but I think it is more of a texture issue rather than taste. 

We are loving the nice weather and being able to get outside for walks and playing in the grass. This summer is going to be loaded with fun!

Now some pictures!
Thanks to Nick for helping with her attention!

Marlee also helped plant the garden which will be the next post! See you soon!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quick Hello!

I am the worst blogger ever! 
This child is kicking my ass though! 
Sleep > blogging. 

But I do have 2 posts in the works, I just need to finish and post. 

I will leave you with a picture of my little fishy in the pool!