Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hurray Easter!

Last week was the week from hell. Without getting into too much detail; we not longer have a dog, Marlee was nicknamed Satan, and I was more excited to go to work then what is humanly possible. And it was not because I like my job.
Yet, with all the negativity going around, I decided to be optimistic.
I was able to get cheap gas, I squeezed fit into a size 10, the sun was beautiful on Easter, and I was able to catch the oatmeal before it exploded in the microwave!
I make and explode a lot of oatmeal.
Yes these are super lame to be excited over but I am old and excitement doesn't exactly take a whole lot of effort now a days.
And it's optimism people! Get on board!
Even though I had to work Easter night (which is not a paid holiday! wtf?), the day could not have been more perfect. We (well Marlee allowed us) to sleep in until 8am and we did the whole Easter basket/egg search thing. The whole things annoys me but I don't even have time to touch the edge of that topic. Marlee and Isaac were so excited though and the pictures make me smile.

"For me! Thank you!"

Isaac gave up candy for Lent so this was total bliss for him.
And of course, Marlee raiding her brothers basket.
We then had enough time to get all done up for the day - which started with church. The homily was so perfect and so fitting. It really spoke to me and made me take a moment to be grateful for the things and people in my life. Sometimes we need a quick moment to put things in perspective. We even took a couple pictures outside of church.

Hough Family 
After church, we did lunch at Grandma Farris's house and we were able to get some more pictures. Marlee crawled all over the place and enjoyed all the company. Of course, Marlee ate and ate and ate. She even enjoyed a little bit of candy. The beautiful girls of the Farris/Carbone/Hough family (minus one) were able to get a quick picture before on to the next stop.

Family is Everything
Then we headed to the Tozzi house and were able to spend the afternoon eating, laughing, and watching the boys play whiffle ball. It was a wonderful ending to the busy week we had! Marlee was a little cranky because of the lack of nap but she perked up with all the cousin loving going on. We were able to get some more family pictures that are all frame worthy!

Hough Family
Cousins Minus One
Dark Haired Cousins
Marlee was thrilled - ha!
And thank you Bri for this beautiful picture of Marlee - my heart.

So overall, the lesson learned is that the sun always comes out after a storm. Easter was definitely full of sun and it was the light at the end of a dark week. Now on to another long week and trying to stay optimistic. Luckily, I am able to surround myself with fantastic family and friends.

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