Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Nine Months Marlee

Marlee did not want to cooperate with pictures this month. 
Or any month for that matter.
But today was extra difficult. She was in a bad mood and was not afraid to show it. 
And add in the fact that I put shoes on her, total meltdown mode.
I did get to put her in these cute little jean shorts which made my day. I am trying to convince summer to hurry the heck up!

Marlee has reached the fearless stage in her life. She likes to jump off the couches, dive face first into hard objects, and just let go of the furniture - even though she does not know how to stand without support yet. So far she has a scratch on her chin, a bruise on her cheek, and a cut on her lip. And this all happened this week! 
Future boxer? Possibly.

Still no teeth! I swear she has been teething since she was four months old. The drool! The fussiness! The chewing on everything and anything! Yet, no teeth. She is going to be gumby forever. I have to admit that I am terrified for these teeth to finally come in. She is going to chew holes in everything we own. Kinda like a sweet little, bad puppy. 

She actually really is like a puppy. She now crawls all over the house pretty efficiently. She will follow me wherever I go. Which is good and bad. I always have creepy little eyes following me no matter what I am doing. Pee in peace? Not anymore! But at least I don't have to carry her from room to room now. Unfortunately, she is now destroying every room of the house. I found a bottle of wine just sitting in the middle of the dining room the other day. When did this happen? No idea. She is a sneaky little girl. 
And has good taste, obviously.

Ok now for the real reason everyone reads the blog: picture time!

"What are these things on my feet mom?"

"Ok mom, you get one minute to take my picture."

"Times up! Mickey Mouse is on!"

"I am over this mommmmmm!"

"Ok, I am out of here."

Happy nine months Marlee! So excited to see what the future brings. 
More stubborn personality and beautiful smiles, I am sure. 

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