Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fun at the Park

The weather is finally starting to warm up!
Keep in mind it supposed to snow tomorrow but we are not going to talk about it.

It was gorgeous yesterday and we were able to get out of the house and head to the park. The sun is good for the soul!

It was Marlee's first time on the swing and she did not care for it. It was pretty funny. More for Nick and I but we didn't leave her in it for long. Just long enough to get a few pictures and push her a couple times. She just looked so uncomfortable.

Then we gave the slide a try and it was not much better then the swing. Once again, we took a couple pictures and moved on. 

We decided Marlee was still a bit too small for the park and went for a nice walk in Magnolia. We have been giving her a little more independence by leaving her unbuckled and she enjoys being a 'big girl' and sitting up without having to be strapped down. 

Of course, this added independence means she wants to be a daredevil.

She rode like this for quite some time and it was funny to see her so excited. I think she liked the wind through her hair. 
I did have to strap her down eventually. She tried to jump out and that was the end of her independence. 

With the upcoming snow (ugh), it was nice to get out with the family and enjoy the spring. Hopefully it warms back up soon because more outside time would be fantastic. And I want to get started in the garden!

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