Monday, April 7, 2014

Busy Family Weekend

Somehow I was able to get a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off!
And let me just say, it still did not seem like it was a sufficient amount of time with my family. 
Can I please just win the lottery and spend everyday with Nick, Isaac, and Marlee?

Friday was Burgers at Midnight and it was another great turn out. Nothing better then meat at midnight on a meatless day! And of course, it is nice to have family over and get some good laughs in after a long week. I even made my burger debut and made up some balsamic vinegar, cheese, and celery burgers. Yum! Now I am racking my brain for Good Friday which will be the next Burgers at Midnight that I will be able to attend because of work. I am thinking a pineapple burger? Or maybe jalapeno popper burger? I mean the possibilities are endless.

Saturday was our big day. After searching for what feels like forever, we found a car! Ok so we were only searching for a couple weeks, but we were very specific with what we were looking for. We needed a car to grow with us. Grow with our family. Safety is imperative. Low mileage. And of course the price had to be right. And after seeing and test driving the Chevy Transverse, we both fell in love. After a couple minor repairs and recall issues taken care of, we are very proud owners of a new car. 

Enough room for four more children! Ha just kidding. 
Or am I?

So after our big purchase, we decided we needed some food. We literally sat in the dealership for about 3 hours. Ugh. At dinner, we also decided to get some new piercings. Obviously Nick and I are a bit too old for any piercing and Isaac is another obvious no, so Marlee Jo was the winner. I could sense her excitement when I told her the plan. 

Let me just give you the low down on baby girl ear piercings in case you have not found yourself in this situation before. I will say that God forbid these did not take or were to get infected for whatever reason, I would not take her again. It was just as bad, if not worse, then getting her immunizations done. Mostly because Marlee does not like to be cuddled. She does not like to be snuggled, or held tight, or swaddled, or ANYTHING that has to do with being constricted in anyway. So with that being said, this was the worst part of the piercing. Having nails jabbed through your ear lobes, no big deal. Having someone hold her down while this all happened, big deal. I sat down with Marlee on my lap, took my right arm and held down both her arms. I then took my left hand and held her forehead firmly against my chest. All this while two people were all up in her face trying to line up the holes perfectly. Pure torture for Marlee.

And then it was all done. I stood up and released her arms. She cried two big tears and was fine. Such a brave, strong girl. 
And such a mean, mean mom.
If we weren't in the mall, I would have cried more then her. 
She looks so beautiful though and I am so happy with the results. 

I have been trying to get a better picture of her but she is not one to hold still for very long. 

Sunday, I was able to relax with my sisters which is always so nice. I love to share the madness that is Marlee with them. I am really happy that Marlee will have Aunts to be close with her as she grows up. 

After all, family really is everything. 

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