Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week One of 21 Day Fix Complete!

I have officially made it to the end of week number one on the 21 Day Fix and would like to share some of my experiences on the program so far.

1. You will not starve to death - I really thought at the beginning of this challenge that it was all about starvation. The less I eat, the less I will weigh. Even putting together my food plan was tough to stomach because I knew that I would be unsatisfied at the end of the day. I will admit that the first couple of days, I was hungry and a little low on energy. My body adjusted though and I realized that I was not drinking enough water which is also a filler. Now I am on day 7 and I honestly feel great. I even had a couple days which I did not eat all of my portioned food. Sticking with it is definitely going to be an accomplishment to be proud of.

2. Coffee is my downfall - At this point in the challenge, I have noticed my biggest downfall is coffee. I am a huge coffee (with cream and sugar) drinker and the cream and sugar is a no-no while on the Fix. I will be honest and say that I have snuck in a couple cups of coffee here and there but no where near the amount I was drinking before. I am a mother and I work midnights - I need a caffeine crutch every now and then.

3. Portion control - I have actually been doing great with the portion sizes and with trying my best to portion everything out in advance. The bottom drawer of the fridge is the 'me only drawer' and everyone in the house knows it. I portion out cucumbers, boiled eggs, cheese, celery, chicken, lettuce etc etc. so it is all there for me to grab and go. I have actually been pretty good with eyeing portion sizes and it is getting easier to know how much lettuce or chicken or oatmeal I can have. This will be important on Saturday when Nick and I go out to eat. I am not cool enough to bring my little containers along for measuring...

4. Working out with Autumn - Amazing. I absolutely love these DVD's. They are short, sweet, and to the point. The added weights make it a little harder and I definitely break a sweat during the half hour. Plus the DVD's are new everyday so I don't get bored throughout the week. I have been 100% with my workouts and plan to stay that way. No cheating here!

5. Weight loss - I will say that I have lost a little weight so far on the 21 Day Fix. Not as much as I had hoped but it could have just been a bad weigh-in. I lost inches too so I am going to stay positive and work extra hard this week. I am sticking with my goal of loosing 5 lbs but deep down I am hoping for more. One day at a time!

I completed my meal plan for week two since Marlee was a peach and took a nice long 2 hour nap.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan

It is not perfect but I think I am getting the hang of it.
Ok now to breakup all the fitness talk, I will leave you with the cutest darn picture I have seen all week.

Love these two!

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