Monday, March 10, 2014

Package Arrival

I just received my 21 Day Fix pack in the mail and I just want to say that there is a large possibility that I am going to starve to death. The containers are small.
Really small.

Challenge now doesn't start till Thursday so everyone in my group can get things prepped and ready to go. I am filled with nervous energy but staying optimistic.

I will say that I had my first Shakeology with some almond milk and it was pretty good! Still has the taste of a protein shake but I would have no problem drinking them on the daily. Add some peanut butter or a banana in there and it could honestly be a little addictive. Assuming it does what it is supposed to!

Even Marlee was fascinated with my new containers!

Sorry for blinding you with the flash ol' big eyes!

Ok now to do some meal planning for the next couple weeks!

I will leave you with a video of Marlee and Isaac. She loves her brother so much!

Have a great week everyone!

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