Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ohio Weather

Three days ago we had a nice terrible little snow storm and yesterday it was 64 degrees and sunny. 
Today it is cold and rainy to be followed with snow tonight. 
Friday it is supposed to be 55 degrees. 
If mother nature would make up her mind, it would be great. 

Regardless, I spent the one nice day we had with my mom and enjoyed a great lunch followed by a walk on the Towpath. It was glorious! The sun felt so good and we had a perfect breeze so Marlee didn't get too hot. I will definitely be making it part of my spring/summer routine. 

Marlee was in toy land at Grandmas. 

And she loved the walk so much that she fell asleep. 

So the 21 Day Fix officially starts tomorrow and I finished my Meal Plan for the first week. This was my homework for the last three days and it literally took me that long to finish it. It was a lot harder then I thought! I mean just thinking that far in advance is difficult. And with work days, I have to plan a little differently as far as when I eat 'breakfast' and 'dinner'. I tried to figure in breakfast to be eaten at 4PM and my 'lunch' to be my big meal at midnight. Then do some small snacking till morning. We will see how this goes and adjust as needed next week. 

21 Day Fix - Week One

Cheers to the next 21 days! 

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