Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Eight Months Marlee!

Eight months ago Marlee was born!
Can you believe it?
Because I am still in disbelief with how she has grown so fast.
We did a mini photo shoot this month because I was in a hurry and honestly, she is getting impossible to get a clear picture of. It is constant head shaking, or arm waving, or trying to escape the camera. Either way, she is so darn cute.
Still no teeth for my Marlee. She drools like crazy though and gnaws on everything so they are coming - just not today. And apparently once teeth come in, you have to worry about them rotting? What the f is that all about? Brush those teeth little ones!
She is standing up on furniture and even takes a couple steps with her walker. She prefers to crawl though and has mastered this maneuver. It is a very dramatic crawl but a crawl none the less. One thing she does not want is to be restricted. God forbid I attempt to keep her from rolling off the step from the kitchen to the living room. I would think after a couple face plants she would listen but nope!
It is hard to say no to that face though.
With all the moving and adventuring she has been doing, she is now discovering different parts of the house which is adorable but extremely destructive.
Her new favorite place is the kitchen.
Robbing the fridge,
 opening up cabinet doors,
and generally making messes.
Full time job right there folks! My little tornado. She even found some cantaloupe in the fridge to eat. Impressive.
Yea and then this happened. I had to keep her contained during my workout and she did not want to be in the playpen. She is pretty smart though and figured out how to climb under her saucer to escape. Nick and I are doomed once she starts walking.
But so lucky.

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