Thursday, March 6, 2014

21 Day Fix

I am embarrassed that I have even gotten to this point but after mentioning to my husband that I am ready to sell my soul to the devil in return for being thin, I needed to do something.

After much debating and another failed attempt at Insanity (damn you three day weekend!), I went and found myself a Beachbody coach. She convinced me to buy the 21 Day Fix which included a month of Shakeology.

This is the bottom of the bottom for me and my weight-loss journey for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to do things the way I did it before my wedding. I worked out and ate right. Not all the time, but enough to work toward my goal of feeling beautiful in my wedding dress. It was a no brainer. Yes I did enough calorie counting to make any sane person rip their hair out but it was relatively simple - lower calories and more exercise = results.

But I digress.

After convincing my husband that this is exactly what I needed to jump start my weight loss again (yes dear, they are expensive containers and no, they do not come with food in them), he agreed to help with my goal and even said he would join in! As long as he could still eat chocolate cake and drink beer.

I have not received my order yet but I am just so full of nervous energy. The second reason this is do or die (not really) is that I am pretty firm in my beliefs that exercising is free and meal replacement shakes, pills, etc are not the answer so I am completely going back on everything that I have ever said. Eating my own words if you will but I am determined to make this work. Portion sizes are my biggest problem and I think this program will get me back on track.

The general idea behind the 21 Day Fix is that you workout using the DVD's for 21 days. Combined with the workouts are portion control containers which pretty much spell out exactly how much a person should be eating in a day. Add in the meal replacement Shakeology and you have yourself the 21 Day Fix. Oh and I should not forget my coach Janet and the awesome group of moms she put together for encouragement!
I am not expecting miracles here. I would like to loose 5-10 lbs. I am not expecting abs and to be back to my pre-baby size in one cycle. Actually, I do not want abs. Ever. Why would a mom need abs anyways? I am pretty sure a teenage Marlee would appreciate her mother keeping her stomach covered at all times and not showing the world her creepy mom abs.
Once again, I digress.
I would like to stay focused and actually complete this program. I want to show myself (and my doubting husband) that I am capable of staying strong for 21 days and getting results to be proud of. I am ready to get over this weight loss plateau!
So the reason I take the time out of my busy schedule to type this (ha!) is because one thing I read was to commit publicly. The article stated that no one wants to look bad in public which is so true! So here I am committing to 21 days. And I will give a weekly update of my progress.. which is a whole 3 posts so I won't overdue it!
Starts on Monday so wish me luck!

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