Monday, February 24, 2014

Seven Months and Growing

Marlee turned seven months yesterday and honestly the entire weekend was an amazing one! 

Friday night I went out in Cleveland with a couple of my girlfriends, Saturday my dad and sister came over to see Marlee Jo, and Sunday we went down to Columbus to visit a couple of friends for a birthday party. Talk about an action packed weekend! 

I wish I would have taken some pictures on Sunday because there were so many little ones which Marlee has never experienced before. I was honestly worried that she would scratch or hit or push the other babes but she did great. Not that she is mean, she is just rough at times without realizing it. I have had plenty of battle wounds from her waving arms and sharp claws. She was very nice  though and it was so sweet to see her with others her size. 

Marlee also did great with the 2 hour drive which is surprising because she never holds still. As you can see from her seven month photo shoot... 

I must have a scratch on my camera lens because every one of these pictures are blurry. Grrr.

See what I mean! One very squirmy babe. It doesn't help that she is now standing on just about anything she can get her hands on. And she wants to grab items off things like the coffee table so we have to watch that too. One part of me is super impressed but another part is wanting her to stop growing! 

I have also been driving myself crazy trying to protect her from hurting herself around the house. Pictures on the shelf, bricks around the fireplace, corners on the table, the four inch step from the dining room to the living room - all death traps in my eyes! I said I was going to loose this safety battle but I just can't get over how dangerous every little thing is. I don't think there are enough safety materials to prevent the bumps and bruises of childhood and this is what's driving me mad. I cried over a diaper rash people! A bloody lip from smacking her face on my coffee table might throw me over the edge... 
What's a mom to do? 

The upside to her getting so big is that she added 'mama' to her more routine vocabulary. She was screaming it this morning when she woke up and it is quite possibly the best way to wake up. Is it strange that being someones mom is still hard to wrap my head around? 

Well as fun at this weekend was, it was disastrous for my diet. Fries, hamburgers, pizza, beer, cake, donuts! But I am jumping back into routine and not getting too down on myself. July is vacation though so I need to get busy! 

One last picture - she looks so small in the dining room! 
Happy seven months Marlee! You better slow down or next month you might be walking. 

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