Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Go Get Some Flowers

Let me just say that if you are of the male species and even try to pull the 'I forgot' for Valentine's day, you are a liar. Straight up liar. 

I have seen about 50 TV commercials (on every channel - ESPN, ABC, Disney), 20 ads on Yahoo, and even Facebook has flower ads plastered on the right side of the screen so let me just be the one to say - get with it and go buy your girl some flowers. Its nice and nice goes a long way. Every girl deserves flowers. Hell you can get them at Walmart for 10 dollars. And if you are a girl that 'doesn't like flowers', you are also a liar. 
End rant. 

With that being said, Nick and I did an early Valentine's Day celebrate today since I work on Friday. This consisted of spending a million dollars at Walmart on grocery and diapers, spilling half a bottle down my leg on the way to dinner, and then having Marlee eat throw most of her meal on her floor. As always, we had a great day. It is a great feeling to laugh and smile even through the mundane tasks of life. A soul mate should do just that - make everyday a good one. And now we sit and watch the Olympics before bed. 
Lame. Maybe.
Comfortable. Yes.

Miss Marlee kept me on my feet this morning by deciding that standing is her new favorite thing to do. Anything that she can get ahold of, she grabs and pulls. At first I would stop her but it is impossible to keep up with. She is a little tornado around the living room. Once she gets her eye on something, she gets there. 

Well most of the time...
She was a little stuck in this case. Brusco's bone was just out of her reach.

She thinks standing is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. She even took one little side step while standing at the fireplace. I am afraid she will be walking by next month. The girl has some strong legs. And whole lot of determination. 
What happened to my baby!

Being a mom is so exciting. Everyday is something new and different and fun and exciting!
I never know what tomorrow may bring. 

Oh and yes, he did surprise me with flowers.
He is pretty awesome. 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Super side note. Is figure skating music super lame for a certain reason? I mean 'The Addams Family' theme song? Really? Would it kill someone to do something up beat and current? Just saying.

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