Monday, January 20, 2014

Productivity and Positivity

Let me start by saying that I had three days off of work and it was definitely deserved. Work has been less then ideal lately. I actually have been feeling dread on the thought of having to return.

With that being said, I have to work tonight and I actually do not feel that overwhelming sense of doom and I think it is because I have actually been very productive with my days off. I am still falling asleep by 8PM but I haven't napped for 3 days and this is unheard of in my household. I am a napping queen. Marlee has also kept me pretty busy but geesh, she has been amazingly pleasant lately. We have a pretty good schedule going for us and it is really making thinks easier for us both. 

Actually, we are on crawl watch at the moment. It is going to happen any day now. Baby girl just wants to go! Right now she can pretty much get wherever she wants by rolling there and inching closer but crawling would certainly be easier - and she knows it! She is getting up on all fours and does a little rocking but can't quite push forward. I keep taking mini movies because as soon as she gets in position - I start filming. Capturing her big moment would be awesome!

Close, but no cigar. 

She is also eating like a champ! Momma's little chunker. She is loving being able to eat solids and I absolutely love letting her try a variety of foods. Everything from picking the fresh ingredients to blending up different variations - love, love, love. Just another step for Marlee being such a big girl. She will be 6 months on Thursday and it is hard to believe how much she has learned. She is constantly looking and touching and tasting. I could literally stare at her all day. 

Marlee's favorite food is still bananas. Pretty sure I could mix dirt with bananas and she would eat it.
So far we have tried:

Sweet potatoes
Banana oatmeal
I think we are going to try squash next.
Exciting stuff. I know. 

"More food please!"

Nick and I have been doing a little Insanity workouts for the past couple of weeks and I don't want to toot my own horn but I feel great. We are not super crazy about it - six workouts a week is just not happening with our schedule - but we both feel so positive afterwards. I also have not had a sip of Coke for the entire month. I am hoping to see a good number on the scale on February 1st. Or at least an inch lost. Wishful thinking maybe but I can settle for this boost in energy for now. 

I also applied for about 10 different jobs so I am continuing to be optimistic that it will happen when it is meant to be! Fingers crossed!

Now for a couple Marlee pics! 
Happy Monday!

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