Monday, January 6, 2014

Polar Vortex

So when does the global warming set in? 

We are in the middle of a 'polar vortex' which sounds like an episode of Supernatural if you ask me but apparently it is pretty serious. I have been told that tomorrow it will be cold enough for cars to freeze to the street. Funniest thing I have heard in quite sometime. Within the next couple of hours, the temperature will be -2 and it will feel like -30. Cold. Cold. Cold. 

So Marlee and I are stuck inside and usually I would be ok with that but there is something about being told that I cannot go outside that makes me want to go do something. Anything! It's the little kid in me. So I de-cluttered the house of all the Christmas stuff, pushed the tree out the front door, swept up all the pine needles, unclogged the vacuum of all the pine needles, and then organized the living room. I was quick to realize that the Christmas stuff was not cluttering the house - its Marlee. Packing her up till next year is not exactly an option though so I did some rearranging and enjoyed the mess with her. She won't be small forever. 

We have been doing daily solid food with her and I am loving every minute of it. I love testing out certain foods and seeing what she likes and doesn't like. Favorite is bananas - hands down. We do at least one meal of bananas a day, sometimes banana oatmeal. We have tried avocados. She was not exactly too keen on them. Avocados are disgusting but extremely healthy! She ate about three spoonfuls and decided they were not for her. I think this face tells the whole story. 
Blurry but I think you get the picture.
Avocados = gross. 

We then tried some carrots and she ate the whole container. I did not see them on my first foods list though so I did some searching. I learned that carrots should not be tried until about 9 months. They contain nitrates which can sometimes cause a rare but serious form of anemia in infants. Do not do the research - trust me. The bottom line is that it is very rare. The chance of this happening is about 0%. Yes, 0%. So since she liked it so much, you would think that I would continue to feed it to her knowing the extreme rarity of nitrate poisoning. Wrong. I pitched it. All of the jars that I prepared. I will wait till 9 months to do carrots again... the deadly internet strikes again. 

Then we tried apples. If you do not like apples, you are a freak. Marlee = freak. She literally gagged on each bite. I think it was more of a texture thing because I hate the texture of applesauce and pureed apples pretty much turns into applesauce. I am going to try apples again later on today but I am pretty sure she hates them. How do you hate apples? 

Next on my list is sweet potatoes and pears based off a couple recommendations from friends. I do not really care for either so I am interested to see what her taste buds have to say. 

I also want to do some complaining about some my Baby Bullet. Those little jars that come with the blender, amazing. The actual blender itself - terrible. It broke after two days. TWO DAYS! I should have just returned it like a normal person but instead I tried to bang it on the counter till it worked. Don't do that. Even if it does work momentarily, it will not fix it. Bottom line, buy a food processor. Or use a food processor from 1980 like me! Things were not build the way they were in 1980. Started right up! And blended my baby food like a freaking charm. 

Five months old has been my favorite month yet. She is becoming more like a little person and less like a fragile baby. More of her personality is coming through and her smiles and laughs light up my days. 
Sounds like someone is up from her nap! Happy Monday everyone!

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