Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone! 

I hope everyone started the new year off on the right step and have made plans to make this the best year yet. I am not big on resolutions but I knew that I wanted to set some smaller goals to better myself. With some reflection, I decided I am overweight, underpaid, and my last five tweets were about being tired. So first up, job applications. Unfortunately, I didn't get the job I was really hoping for. They actually decided not to fill the position at all. I am not sure if I should be happy that I technically didn't get turned down or whether it's more of an insult that they rather not have the position at all instead of hiring me? Either way, I am going to apply for every nursing job out there. Even if it is not exactly in an area that I am interested in. A foot in the door is better then nothing at all. As much as I love my residents and coworkers, I can't stay there forever. Time to buckle down! 

The next thing on the list is weight. I am two pounds away from being down 40 lbs but I have been there for weeks. Weeks! The holidays have been amazing to me - but not my waist. Cookies. Cake. Chocolate. Candies. Bread. Bread. Bread. I have decided to go a different route with my goals. Instead of focusing on the poundage (which is still important - just not all of my attention) I am going to take my measurements. I also decided to set monthly goals/challenges. This month is no pop. No diet. No mixers. No carbonation. More water! I purchased some bottles of water to help while I am at work where is my biggest challenge. Diet Shasta - not good. I am feeling rejuvenated and ready to dominate this month! 

As far as being tired goes, I just need to get a hobby. Maybe I will start crocheting again. This is a work in progress. 

Another small goal Nick and I have set is to make the bed everyday. I am assuming most people do this anyways but we slack on this. Nick is actually better then I am and coming home from work and crawling into a nicely made bed is really enjoyable. So whoever is in bed last, is in charge of making the bed. It is something small but makes both of us happy. 

Happy = good. 

Anyone else have any goals or resolutions this new year?

Oh and a quick side note! I have hit 5000 views on my blog! 5004 to be exactly! Thanks to all my wonderful followers! I hope to continue this year with making more friends and writing about topics that I have been tossing around for quite some time. Happy blogging! 

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